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Our Approach

Hey, I'm Dominic Mararri, your Licensed Insurance Broker and CEO!

First I wanted to take the time to say, "Thank you" and "Welcome!"

I started this company when I realized what a struggle things can be when it is time to reconsider your insurance options. I saw so many people being misinformed and coached to choose their Medicare Insurance Plans based on another person's agenda.

Watching this go on, made me realize that I can help, I can make this right.  So I took the time to get educated on each plan and what the benefits are to each individual person and not each insurance company's agenda.

That is how I started Senior Care Insurance, where we have been able to help so many! I look forward to helping you as well!

I hope you find the content here useful and informative. I've been in this business for a while now and helping you make the best possible decisions is my number one priority.

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Our Story

Your Advantage is with Senior Care Insurance!

Let me take you step by step through the Medicare selection process, at no cost to you!
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Our Vision

When you are finally eligible for Medicare Insurance it can be overwhelming. You get so many letters and books in the mail, there's no way to tell what is best for you because they all state that they are. I will help you by giving you an honest assessment, and an unbiased recommendation for each level of service you need.


You will only get advice from our best full service Licensed Insurance Brokers from OH to PA. We specialize in Medicare Health Care Plans and keep our focus on you!

Our Approach

Our Approach is what makes us different. We give real results with our hometown service.

  • First, we find out what your needs are, what concerns you, and how to make the best decisions for your current prescriptions and healthcare regime.
  • Next, we have the ability to compare ALL plans in your area to make sure to save you the most money!
  • Last, We walk you through step by step to register you right the first time.

Our work doesn't stop there! We are here for you the whole time you are enrolled, to answer your questions, concerns, and listen to your success stories!

Book a Consultation with Me Today at NO COST TO YOU!

Dominic works with many of the top providers in your area. He is able to navigate you and answer questions that we know can be confusing when switching your Medicare Plan, adding a Supplemental Insurance Plan, and especially for those who are enrolling for the first time.

I'm here to help!

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